Our Trames Oil

The Prencipe Trames Oil was born in 2019 from the introduction of a brand new technology in the production process:  the TWO-PHASE oil mill.
The name of the oil, Trames, derives from Latin and is a homage to the land, evoking the traditional agricultural crops harvested by hand in Puglia, transferred generation after generation.

The word Trames encapsulates the Prencipe story, the story of 3 generations: a grandmother, a father, and a grandson all sharing the same commitment to high quality and passion for olive oil.
Obtained from the careful selection of two organic olives types, the Ogliarola Garganica and Coratina, the Extra Virgin Trames Oil unveils a medium fruity taste, with hints of artichoke, cut grass and freshly pressed olives for an end product that is refined yet full-bodied, able to satisfy the most demanding palates.

This Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced through a two-phase continuous extraction technology that processes the olives without the addition of any water, to avoid the washout of the oil and the loss of its aromatic parts.
In the first phase of this carefully monitored process, the pressed olive pulp goes thorugh a kneading operation which consists of a slow and continuous mixing. In the second phase, the oil paste is then placed inside a decanter from which two compounds are extracted: the oil that will be further refined in a separater machine and a residual liquid content.

The entire process takes place at low temperatures aimed at creating a quality product rich in polyphenols.