Our Traditional Oil

The Traditional Oil was born in the early 1990s from the committment of the Prencipe family to producing an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unique properties and exceptional taste. Blending mostly local olive cultivars, Garganica and Coratina Ogliarola, this oil is delicate, smooth and less fruity on the palate, perfect to be paired with any dish of the Mediterranean cuisine.
Key to the Prencipe farm and to the production of this oil is the traditional mill with the granite millstone and the ancient olive presses to crush the olives.
It is one of the few remaining oil mills in Italy creating a product of superior quality that pleases the senses whilst reviving the flavors of the ancient traditions.

The entire manufacturing process takes place at low temperatures, also known as “cold pressing” which enables to preserve the organoleptic properties of the olives.
The olive harvest is meticolously executed through mechanical harvesting rakes; olives are then processed 12 hours immediately after the harvest, to prevent any enzymatic process from activating.